Thursday, August 6, 2015

Another Dead Nigga (Hunted since 1619)// NoMore

We walk over this image the same way we walk around the issue. We've failed to address the deep seated conditioning that has systematically allowed the devalution of our lives.

Sadly our nation was built upon some of the very practices that continue to keep these conditions alive. Racism is real. We are murdered and incarcerated at a much MUCH higher rate. And these powerful effects have now spilled over to subconsciously affect the value we hold within our own race. It's a vicious cycle.

It's mind blowing that in 2015 a black or brown man or woman can be murdered by law enforcement, left for dead and all it takes is a few slandering statements from the media to desensitize a nation. While seemingly overnight a man murders a lion named Cecil and va-va-voom, people are enraged and engaged to create new policy.

We are hunted down daily and it's just another headline that gets passed over. It sure is interesting times we live in. Stay woke.

Politics As Usual// Sound of da Police

These two pieces are currently on view alongside an entire body of work that I grew inspired to create. This body of work is titled, "Fed up wit Da Set Up". If you're near Inglewood, California pop into Stuff I Eat and check it out. Open 12-8pm daily.