Friday, August 1, 2014

How Many F@&%ing Toads

This doodle is inspired by the state of consciousness that resides in a growing world of instant gratification and distraction. Which leads me to ponder if a "Prince/ Golden Toad" still lives among the the millions of toads.

What do you value? Is it honor, loyalty, a sense of deep spiritual understanding, inner connectedness or none of the above? What is it for you?

I do wonder how the next generation along with mine will fair when everything in mainstream media disregards the very values & characteristics that make investing into another person desirable.

My advise is this... Get to know you!  Take yourself places. Face your discomforts and grow! When someone worth while who resonates on your level or higher comes along you'll know... and since you've invested in yourself your radar for what you will and will not accept will be more fine tuned.

All I can say ladies and gents is live from your Worthiness! Nurture, explore and celebrate your inner kingdom! (Got a few more drawings from this doodle session which I may post later.) Peace